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Yellow Wolf Farm

Yellow Wolf Farm is a small, sustainable, diversified farm located in Walkertown. We specialize in humanely raised, grass-fed meat, fresh eggs, Heritage breeds of livestock and goat milk bath and body products.

Our animals are raised on rotated pastures and never given hormones, antibiotics or medicated feeds. Cattle, sheep and goats are all completely grass-fed and finished (never grained).  Hogs and poultry are raised on pasture and given a certified organic/no soy/no GMO feed plus whey, organic vegetables and raw milk from our goats and cows. We do not use herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our pastures. We do not own a tractor, but use small machinery and draft horses for work.

We raise and sell standard and miniature donkeys for guards, pets, riding and draft work.  Donkeys are more easily trained then horses and are safer for children to work and ride.  Even a miniature donkey can be trained as a draft animal to work on a small homestead.

Animals are treated holistically if they need treatment of any kind. We raise registered  Texas Longhorn cattle, registered American Guinea Hogs, Alpine and Sanaan dairy goats, donkeys for guarding livestock and for riding/work, Berkshire, Old Spot and Red Wattle hogs, meat goats (Boer & Kiko cross), White Dorper, registered Tunis and Shetland Sheep and heritage breeds of poultry.


  • 6651 Sullivantown Rd
  • Walkertown
  • NC
  • 27051


  • 336.709.6541
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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