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Meadows Family Farms

We want to bring you the best products possible in an all natural way. We do NOT believe in animal cruelty or neglect; that’s why our animals are free to graze and roam on our farm. You will not find them confined or treated poorly. This is why we welcome anyone who wants to visit our farm. We are Kenneth and Dani Strader of Julian, North Carolina.
Company Overview
No junk; just grass. Our Animals live happy and healthy lives while on the farm. We do not use any steroids or growth hormones on our animals. So don’t worry, when you take a bite out of our Angus steak, that’s what you’re getting. Just steak; the way it should be. Don’t believe us? Just call to book a tour on our family owned farm or just to ask any questions you may have.


  • 5434 Amick Road
  • Julian
  • NC
  • 27283


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