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Directory Updates

on Thursday, 18 April 2013.

It's that time of the year to finally open the windows and get some fresh air, or a blast of greenish/yellow pollen, depending on the day.  It's also time that the farmers markets are opening up full time and a greater variety of foods will be available to replenish your shelves, bellies, and refrigerators with fresh and local goodies.


We've added a few more places to the directory since this whole thing started.


The Produce Box, Triad Farm to Table Cooperative, King Farmers Market, Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, and Burlington Downtown Farmers Market.

I know Burlington might be a stretch to be considered part of the Triad but things might get stretched a bit beyond the Triad to reach others wanting to eat a Paleo diet outside of this area.  We're all pretty lucky to have this abundance of farms and local eateries that are offering all of the organic and non-chemically loaded foods nearby.

Sound Off!

We're still looking for markets and eateries in the High Point area.  There has to be something going on down there, so let us know if you have a line on anything Paleo friendly that we could put on to the site.  If we're missing anything else let us know so we can get it posted.  As long as it is Paleo or related in some way let's get it out there for others to see.


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